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YBP'S 14th Anniversary!


Each birthday opens a new chapter of our story.

It began
14 years ago, in 2008, on February 29th, with the desire to work on strategy and innovation to make companies grow. 

This brought us to become a “non-consultancy” company, a company that does not give suggestions to the clients, but rather work with them. 

This is our uniqueness: working “with” and not “for” the clients. Through a methodology that is at the same time scientifically rigorous and deeply human. 

Sharing is at the heart of our business. Our birthday as well is a shared one, a joyful and proud celebration of our story, of how we “change the world a prototype at a time”.

Here are some Anniversary Greetings from our LinkedIn page, that our beloved Clients have dedicated to us!

"Un grande traguardo... raggiunto con dedizione, forza e soprattutto studio!
Mai nulla lasciato al caso e sempre improntato sulla persona nelle sue mille declinazioni.
Brava Maria Rosaria Natale, proud of you!"

"14 years of innovation, looking ever to the future, always in human way"

"Maria Rosaria Natale my best wishes for your work anniversary.
It was an unexpected gift for me being in a contact with YBP 
and appreciate how the innovative approach can be executed and not only said. 
Great mind, great ideas, great inspiration and great team!
The success is well deserve! Ad maiora"

"Congratulazioni, molto meritate e .... ad maiora!"

"Congratulazioni Maria Rosaria Natale e a tutto il team YBP... E tantissimi altri anni di successi!""

"I have had a journey made of many encoiunters building great realtionships where i keep and keep learning...
I still recall the interview i had with you more than 6 years ago.
It was a learning experience that still impacts on me, so thanks again!"

Celebrating YBP 14th Anniversary



YBP was founded in 2008 by Maria Rosaria Natale Ph.D., who is an entrepreneur, a philosopher and an innovation consultant. 

YBP started as a firm working on leadership management to help companies grow, develop their people and improve constantly over time. Now, with offices in Milan and London, we expanded our expertise and know-how designing and implementing strategy and innovation projects around the world.
More than ever, people are the core of our mission and our DNA. To get to know us better, take a look at the milestones of our history below.

YBP 2022 what we have done

YBP 2022 what we have done

Riproduci Video
St MArks Hospital - London - UK.png

2022. Implementation of Value Based Healthcare methodology with strong anthropological and ethnographic expertise. Winning of international awards for Value Based Healthcare projects implemented. European projects about Strategy and innovation, in particular in London and Paris.


2021. YBP's growth continues by refining our method of generating innovative solutions. In particular, the launch of new products benefits from the strategic design thanks to our ability to identify the unmet and unarticulated needs of all stakeholders.


2020. This year YBP defines its new positioning as a Strategy and Innovation company thanks to the multiple experiences and the hiring of Business Analysts and Human Centred Designers. The London office in the Marylebone district consolidates the implementation of international projects. Furthermore, the "She leads" series allows you to meet the successful experiences of international leaders.


2019. Our work in the healthcare sector is awarded with the prestigious VBHC Prize for the internationally developed "PID Early diagnosis" project.

The same year, YBP realised "Human value Based HealthCare" a unique event in the world created to give visibility to international experiences in the Healthcare field, based on the human relationship as a center and engine for improving processes and services that take into account the needs of all the people involved in the ecosystem , clinicians, patients, caregivers, managers, institutions, etc ...


2018. The YBP method to create innovation is structured in a precise and replicable process: the Innovation Line. It thus becomes our new way of working to generate innovative solutions. Used with all our customers, regardless of the type of industry in which they operate, it is always effective.


2017. Strengthening of international projects and opening of a new office in central London. Collaboration with the Neuroscience Institute of the Catholic University of Milan for the creation of a tool to improve the awareness of being a Leader.


2016. New clients, new international projects and the main sponsorship at the INSEAD Alumni Association global event in London. The first step towards the opening of YBP London.

YBP _2015.png

2015. Another milestone: YBP 3rd Floor, a space for workshops, culture, art, music, exhibitions, and much more ...


A new powerful experience for top leaders from Europe

2014. A milestone in the history of YBP: the YBP Innovation & Leadership Community is born, a community of top managers working for the good of the world.


2013: Enrico Rimoldi, one of the best-known Italian television directors, joins YBP, bringing a new way of communicating, an empathic communication that accompanies transformation projects from the very beginning, involving all the participants.


2012. Big changes: YBP's business model focuses on innovation and transformation projects. The headquarters of YBP moves to the prestigious area of Sant'Ambrogio, near Santa Maria alle Grazie, one of the highest achievements of the Italian Renaissance.


2011: Maria Rosaria graduated in Consulting and Coaching for Change (CCC), Executive Master Degree at INSEAD. The goal of this path is to think systematically and strategically by examining organisational needs and ways to achieve change.


2010: YBP grows with new valuable clients and international projects. New people and new competences are added to the team. YBP opens a new larger office in the center of Milan.


2009: other customers are added and YBP hires the first collaborators.


2008. YBP was born on a special day, February 29, in a leap year. Our birthday happens every 4 years: what a birthday! 

Maria Rosaria Natale, P.hD, started working with 2 fantastic Companies (still our clients). The first headquarter of YBP was in the center of Milan, in the artistic district of Brera. 

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