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Your Business Partner was born back in 2008,  founded by Maria Rosaria Natale Ph.D., who is an entrepreneur, a philosopher and an innovation consultant.

After spending 10 years in Research and 10 years in Pharma Companies, she directed the YBP Company's focus towards Strategy & Innovation, leveraging her expertise gained from her INSEAD programs on strategy..


With our headquarters in Milan and London, we take pride in defining ourselves as a non-consultancy company. What sets us apart is our genuine commitment to working alongside our clients, rather than simply providing generic solutions. We don't believe in creating one-size-fits-all "recipes to apply" – instead, we collaborate closely with our clients to deliver personalized outcomes.

We have a validated method used hundreds of times with success: 


More than ever, people are the core of our mission and our DNA. To get to know us better, take a look at the milestones of our history below.


YBP'S 15th Anniversary!

YBP 15th Anniversary.001.jpeg

Time has truly flown by, but our passion for what we do has never wavered.
We are proud to say that we are a young and rebellious company, breaking away from traditional consulting models and taking a unique approach to strategy and innovation. Our focus on the human element sets us apart, allowing us to understand and address the needs of our clients in a more meaningful way.

Our goal has always been to make a difference and to bring about positive change, and we are proud to have accomplished that through our work over the past 15 years.
This brought us to become a “non-consultancy” company, a company that does not give suggestions to the clients, but rather work with them. This is our uniqueness: working “with” and not “for” the clients. Through a methodology that is at the same time scientifically rigorous and deeply human. Sharing is at the heart of our business. Our birthday as well is a shared one, a joyful and proud celebration of our story, of how we “change the world a prototype at a time”.
So join us in celebrating this milestone and let's raise a glass to the next 15 years and beyond!

Here are some Anniversary Greetings from our LinkedIn page, that our beloved Clients have dedicated to us!

"15 years of innovation, looking ever to the future, always in human way"

"I have had a journey made of many encounters building great realtionships where i keep and keep learning...
I still recall the interview i had with you more than 6 years ago.
It was a learning experience that still impacts on me, so thanks again!"

"Maria Rosaria Natale my best wishes for your work anniversary.
It was an unexpected gift for me being in a contact with YBP 
and appreciate how the innovative approach can be executed and not only said. 
Great mind, great ideas, great inspiration and great team!
The success is well deserve! Ad maiora"

"A great achievement ... achieved with dedication, strength and above all study!

Never anything left to chance and always imprinted on the person in its many declinations.

Bravo Maria Rosaria Natale, proud of you!"

"Congratulations Maria Rosaria Natale and the entire YBP team.... And many more years of success!"

"Congratulations, much deserved and .... ad maiora!"