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"Ideas for a healthy Milan"


Maria Rosaria Natale PhD our CEO, intervenes on the need for a change of perspective in healthcare that makes everyone win.
She compares the realities of Milan and London, where the formal perfection of English processes - but only on paper - is matched by our ability to truly take charge of the patient.


We are happy to share what the media say about us. Our work - co-creating with customers - is not in the spotlight and must be preserved. Instead we are pleased to share our public activity and its social impact: events, culture, charithy.

Below you can find a selection of articles and interviews.

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Value based healthcare

and "the Netherlands case" :


Our founder and owner Maria Rosaria Natale PhD, wrote an article for Il Sole 24 Ore in which she talks about how a Human Value-Based Healthcare system leads to improved patient health outcomes while containing resources for the sustainable growth of the National Health Service.

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Revolution in healthcare


Human Value Based, the approach launched by YBP together with HVB Think Tank.

Nothing gives more hope for everyone than hearing true stories told by the protagonists. Quoting Josie Walsh, former CEO of Providence Hospital - Toronto: "everyone asks me what the formula for our success is. Nobody asks me: what do I have to change, personally, to achieve the success?”

The key word is INVOLVEMENT.


“La manager delle reti «Via dagli Usa, qui c’è tutto ciò che serve»”

An article of IL SOLE 24 ORE about our beloved friend, Nadia Benabdallah - who joined She Leads in September. 

Find out more about YBP's She Leads project, Nadia's career in Vodafone and why Italy could be a strategic country for digital networks innovation.

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“PERSonalised mEdicine for Patients with Haemophilia and Other rare bleediNg disordErs – PERSEPHONE project”

The International Consortium for Personalised Medicine of the European Commission has recognized the PERSEPHONE PROJECT among the Best Practice Examples in Personalised Medicine. 

The objective of the project “PERSonalised mEdicine for Patients with Haemophilia and Other rare bleediNg disordErs” (PERSEPHONE) has been to implement a personalized approach for optimal multidisciplinary care of hemophilic patients. The patient management pathway was re-designed based on a Value-Based Healthcare (VBH) approach.

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“Human Value Based Healthcare, the person and the network to relaunch healthcare”

The aim of Value Based Healthcare is to define new healthcare models that could improve patients’ health outcomes and contain spending. This strategic approach was the focus of the "Human Value Based Healthcare - The Person and the Network" workshop, organized by the consulting company Your Business Partner.

The evolution of this methodology, defined as Human Value Based Healthcare, is based on the doctor-patient relationship, that is understood as a human relationship rather than a professional one. The goal of this approach is to build paths that start from the patients’ needs by involving the various health care actors in an effective network.


Maria Rosaria Natale, CEO of Your Business Partner explains the principles and objectives of this approach.

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“Donne top manager”

Imprese e lavoro ( is the most important online info-press newspaper related to the economy of the Milanese and Lombard territory. Here they are talking about what our SHE LEADS event is about. 

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“Empathy is Business”

An article of Corriere della Sera Economia about the importance of Empathy in business contexts.

YBP Innovation & Leadership Community, a group of top managers from different Countries and Industries are working on the creation of an EMPATHY LEXICONa practical tool to help managers to better interact with their team, clients, shareholders.

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“She Leads”

Listen to Maria Latella's interview to Maria Rosaria Natale, Phd, Founder of YBP, on "SHE LEADS" about the importance of leadership examples able to reach great results in difficult situations and moments of crisis. 


“Learning in involvement”

An article of Harvard Business Review Italy that retraces the experience of the first YBP leadership community 2012-2013.

Narrated by Maria Rosaria Natale and a participant in the path, Roberto Fedeli, SVP Ferrari Luxury Cars, whom we would like to thank for sharing his experience and feedback.


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YBP International advertisements

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Neuropsychological Trends on

New business models

The Agents and Inter-Agents in a neuroscientific domain.

Maria Rosaria Natale, P.h.D., with Prof. Michela Balconi and Nadia Benabdallah (Vodafone Group Network Engineering Director).

Agency and inter-agency are the keys for living in our complex world!

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VBHC Project

We are very pleased to share the article published on Value Based Healthcare Thinker Magazine written by Lorenzo Rimoldi. 

YBP is involved in many projects focused on Value Based Healthcare and winning the Dragon’s endorsement alongside with our clients gave us the certainty of being on the right path. 

Helping companies rethinking their processes with the person in mind is our mission and we are proud of our work.

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Neuroscience and Mangement

Why "generating leadership"? 

The contribute of neuroscience,

by Michela Balconi, Giulia Fronda, Maria Rosaria Natale,

Enrico Rimoldi.


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Wired Magazine

Federica Ionta interviewed Maria Rosaria Natale, P.h.D, about the hiring system in Italy.

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