THE PERSON & THE NETWORK: The adventure of Friendship

How to create value through and with relationship



Relationships between interesting people build new connections, new connections lead to innovation and innovation brings value.


In every innovation process each person needs to involve herself in a real comparison, in a responsible work, in a creative effort. Constantly.


Connections are the fuel of creativity.


Spotting new connections requires a trained, curious and vigilant eye.


This is the positive mixture: 

1. having a creative gaze 

2. cultivating relations with other people with the same desire. 

We call Friendship the combination of these two attitudes.


Our Community is founded on these two solid pillars and everyone here can build something really new, effective and valuable by staying actively involved with the other members.


After a year of in-depth work on empathy, based on both scientific research and our co-creation, the step YBP’s Innovation & Leadership Community wants to take in 2021 is to bring everything we have discovered - to put ourselves in the shoes of others using the “Empathy Lexicon” and the “Empathy Model Canvas” - to a higher level: FROM THE LEADER to the ECOSYSTEM. 

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Why a community of innovators?

INNOVATORS and GREAT LEADERS -the true ones- are able to see connections that are invisible to others. Normal people are often detractors as they don’t see what innovators see. For this reason who wants to innovate needs to be resilient in order to achieve value through these new connections. It is common to feel alone and not understood. A COMMUNITY of true INNOVATORS and LEADERS give each other the strength to be resilient and realise the right connections able to create value for everyone.


What is the goal of this wave?

This year we would like to work on a pragmatic prototype able to explain and enhance the “Adventure of Friendship”. Why? Because today we are all members of a network working in an ecosystem. If we are able to live this business perspective as FRIENDS we will achieve a higher value for everyone.


How are we going to work together?

This is the 8th edition and every year the results obtained confirm the validity of our method: Use Yourself as a Tool, Observing, Questioning, Building Relationships, Creating Hypothesis and Prototyping are the steps that every year participants experience together. What participants learn from the Community will become their habitus forever. And we will publish our results on the most important Business Reviews e.g. HBR.


What is this topic? 

From 2013, every year the Community works on one topic critical to the creation of value in organisations as well as in society. These topics emerge from the continuous research and know-how of strategic projects that YBP carries out with innovative companies, leaders of their markets. This year, our focus is “The adventure of friendship: how to create value with and through relationships


Why is Friendship important??

Friendship is the most human, natural and powerful force that brings the effectiveness of a relationship to the next level, in personal as well as in professional life. That is why the co-creation of a common prototype for the good of people needs to have its origin in the importance of friendship in networks and in ecosystems. 


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