Everything is different 

Everyone wins

SHE LEADS, everything is different, everyone wins is a project made by Your Business Partner based on original research about leaders who have obtained successful business results for their companies, their teams, and their business areas, during crisis times and in complex contexts.


We have interviewed these leaders and identified a pattern of success: the ability to set the conditions for all internal and external stakeholders in order to be involved and bring mutual value.


From our research, a second relevant element emerged: many of these leaders are women.


Therefore, we decided to launch SHE LEADS, a series of real conversations with these successful leaders to learn about their experience, develop connections and inspire new projects.

"She Leads JANINA KUGEL: Open conversation FULL EVENT"

February 11th 2021 - Changing the Setting

“She Leads MARINA VELDANOVA: Open conversation FULL EVENT

December 10th 2020 - Changing Business Education

“She Leads TIZIANA MELE: Open conversation FULL EVENT

November 12th 2020 - Changing Healthcare

“She Leads LORENZA ZANARDI: Open conversation FULL EVENT

October 20th 2020 - Changing Industry 4.0

“She Leads NADIA BENABDALLAH: Open conversation FULL EVENT”​

September 10th 2020 - Changing Tech/Telco

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