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VBHC: a way to recognise the Value of caring relationships

Value Based Healthcare is a method to address healthcare system’s needs, and is currently delivering extremely positive results in a wide number of countries.

The caring relationship between patients and physicians is the core of this method. Only by responding to the unexpressed and unarticulated needs resulting from this relationship, the healthcare system will succeed in moving forward.

Human Value Based Healthcare is an event to explore the power of human value in shaping the future of healthcare.

It is dedicated to sharing stories of innovation in healthcare where the human factor makes all the difference. 

It focuses on highlighting the importance of human-centered approaches, empathy, and personalized care in transforming the healthcare landscape.

Through this event, we aim to showcase inspiring examples of how putting the human element at the forefront can lead to improved outcomes, enhanced patient experiences, and ultimately, better healthcare for all. 


4 round tables

Prof. Paolo Parini

Professor, Senior Consultant, Director of Research & Development, Education and Innovation Karolinska University Hospital - Karolinska Institutet

Dott.ssa Josie Walsh  

Former President and CEO Providence Healthcare, Toronto

Dott. Luciano Ravera

CEO of IRCCS Clinical Institute Humanitas Rozzano

Dott.ssa Maria Rosaria Natale

Founder and CEO of YourBusinessPartner | Moderator

4 sharing tables

People in caring relationships for mental health

Dott. Sergio De Filippis, Psychiatrist; Tiziana Mele, Managing Director at Lundbeck; Carmen Mazzola, Medical, Regulatory and Value Access Director at Lundbeck; Raffaella Maderna, People & Communication Director at Lundbeck

People in caring relationships for rare diseases 

Alessandro Lattuada, Managing Director at Otsuka; Luisa Brussino Managing Director, Chief of the Immunology and Allergology Department university of Torino, AO Mauriziano Hospital; Paola Minale, Managing Director, Allergist at University Hospital of San Martino; Andrea Zanichelli Managing Director, RCCS Policlinico San Donato

The Value of the Person

Dott.ssa Chiara Ferrari, Anesthetist, Humanitas

People in caring relationships for hospital

Alberto Testori, Managing Director, Thoracic Surgery, Humanitas; Giulia Goretti, Healthcare process improvement and lean manager, Humanas


Dott.ssa Maria Rosaria Natale, Founder and CEO of YBP


Dott. Sergio De Filippis, 
Psychiatrist, Professor in Psychiatry of Addiction at University of Rome Sapienza, Medical Director at Villa von Siebenthal


Dott.ssa Josie Walsh, 
Former President and CEO at Providence Healthcare


Carmen Mazzola, 
Medical, Regulatory and
Value Access Director at Lundbeck

Tiziana Mele, Managing Director at Lundbeck


Prof. Paolo Parini, 
Professor, Senior Consultant, and Director of Director of Research & Development, Education and Innovation  Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital


Dott. Alberto Testori, 
Managing Director
Thoracic SurgeryDirector of the Breast Unit at Humanitas


Alessandro Lattuada,
Managing Director at Otsuka


Lorenzo Rimoldi,
Project Lead at YBP


Dott. Luciano Ravera, Chief Executive Officer at Humanitas


Alessandro Liguori,
CEO at Humanitas


Enrico Rimoldi, Communication director at YBP

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