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Let yourself be confronted with new and different mindsets and ideas 

to see reality with a little more sunshine

HERE COMES THE SUN - Thinking with the Patient is a pathway connecting the most innovative and active change-makers in the healthcare world. 

This includes directors and top managers from pharmaceutical industries and hospitals, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, research Center directors, insurance providers, care service providers, nursing service directors, patient associations and institutional decision-makers.

This community of like-minded individuals shares a common goal of improving

the healthcare system. We come together to:

Share experiences of innovation within the respective domains, providing a clear understanding of diverse perspectives that may not be directly known.

​Join forces to create a common prototypical project that can serve as a model for healthcare system.

Through this collaborative approach, HERE COMES THE SUN aims to foster innovation, collaboration,

and the development of pioneering projects that can transform

the delivery of care. 

By “thinking with the patient”, this community strives to improve healthcare outcomes and enhance the overall patient experience.

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