from Vodafone

Wave 2018

What partecipants said:
*Feedback from Vodafone, wave 2019

We’ve learnt many things that we would have never learnt in our daily job and the power of collaboration was amazing

Giovanni Lentini
Data Core & Security 
Senior Manager 

Wonderful experience, really like the methodology that makes us think in a different way

Marta De Pablos
Manager of

Strategic Marketing 
and 5G propositions 

Amazed by the power of collaboration and sharing

Viola Wong
Head of Network Deployment 
Hong Kong

I can see the prototype and I am excited, I think we have achieved a good result

Kostas Parcharidis
Network -

Engineering Delivery 

“I'm impressed with the method, the organisation and the process. It really creates innovative solutions together”

John Lonergan
Head of

Capacity Architecture 
& Planning (Global)

“It is the perfect balance between velocity and effectiveness”

Lung Wan

Senior Manager 

What partecipants said:
*From Vodafone internal survey 2019

Overall, what do you believe is the biggest value delivered by the initiative?

Would you recommend to extend the initiative                100% would recommend it

> 70% pax. improved their Question Thinking, Attitude towards observing and empathy approaching prototyping

100% pax. high overall satisfaction rate

“This initiative really underlined the company drive towards change; they showed a more pragmatic approach by  listening and creating the conditions to work with the internal/external customers in a co-production environment.”

“The initiative has been effective in creating a very good network of relationship, improving the collaboration among the teams and making people comfortable with the prototype mindset”

Innovation Line:

an example



It is a process designed to solve business challenges and, at the same time, to enhance leadership and collaboration.

The Innovation Line® is based on ten years’ successful experience delivering revolutionary innovation projects with the first in class
companies in a number of different sectors.

The Innovation Line® gives people the right process and methodology to generate ideas and turn them into reality.

It works perfectly with all kind of managers, entrepreneurs, engineers, clinicians, innovators, even NGOs!

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